Who Are We?

Arts Connoisseur.
We specialize in the production of cross-cultural events and promoting ethnically expressive art forms.
Unifying humanity through celebrating diversity

We embrace, we celebrate, we relish in the never-ending traditions, art and social contributions from various cultural groups from around the world. Our audience is an eclectic mix of all-inclusive, multi-ethnic, cross-cultural seekers.

They are brave. They are dynamic, global-minded and boundless.

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Food is art. Food is love. Food is happiness. Food is nourishment for the soul. Food is identity.


To discover one’s qultural food is to learn about the people. Food is how we share our history.


Art is qulture. Art is wonder. Art is an escape. 

Art is pain. Art is beauty. Art is activism. Art gives us courage to tell our story.


Qulture is who you are. Qulture is what you believe in. Qulture is your heritage.

Qulture is your tribe. Qulture is self-defined. Qulture is forever evolving. Qulture is inclusive of non-monolithic subcultures.


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